Monday, 12 August 2013

Spending Ban - Update One

I'm sat here on this rainy Monday afternoon regretfully writing this post. Why oh why did I decide to share my quest to undergo a spending ban with the internet. So, it's been 12 full days since I pledged to the blogosphere that I wouldn't be buying anything that was not essential; well i've failed! I just cannot resist those cute little baby lips or that sparkly reduced jumper.

In twelve days i've managed to buy:

1) reduced jumper from Matalan (this was a bargain as I would have just spent more money next month on a more expensive jumper).
2) That 'blogger' dress from Primark (i'm a blogger and therefore I needed it).
3) Maybelline baby lips (who doesn't need cute, scented and coloured lip balms?)
4) A kimono and a £3 skirt from Primark (enough said).

All this being said, I have bought things that have been on offer or reduced which in the long term will save me money. I have also resisted so many things which without this so called spending ban I would have gone out and bought.

Have you taken a spending ban? What have you been buying this month?


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