Saturday, 17 August 2013

Mua Power Pout: Review

Lip stains/crayons are every where at the minute, the clinique chubby stick seems to have been the original and then the good old drug store seemed to bring A LOT of cheaper 'dupes'. Today i'm going to be reviewing the Mua Power Pout colour intense tint and balm. I have two of these in the shade Justify and Runaway as they were on offer for 2 for £4 from Superdrug but the one thought i'll be reviewing is Justify.

The packaging is very similar to the other lip stains available in the drug store. The lip stain is shaped like a chunky crayon and the silver end can be twisted to push the stain up and down, the lid also fits on the end which is a handy little tool I think as i'm forever losing the lids to things. The packaging is supposed to reflect the shades of each of these lip stains however I don't believe that the shade Justify looks anything similar to this bright orange packaging.

These lip balms are extremely moisturising and creamy. They don't drag the lips and apply like a dream. They have quite a strong minty smell however this disappears once the product has been applied, although I quite like the scent as it adds to the refreshing feel of a lip balm. Whilst wearing these they keep your lips super soft, and even after a couple of hours wear my lips never once felt dry.

The best way that I would describe this shade of lipstick is Sleek's rose gold blush in lipstick form. It is a lovely glossy pink colour with hints of coral and speckles of gold. Honestly if you have Sleek rose gold blush, look at it and then that is the exact colour of this. Because this shade is more of a pink it certainly doesn't reflect the crazily bright orange packaging however this isn't a problem. The product is extremely pigmented and provides a full coverage even after the gloss has worn off.

I applied this lipstick at half past two as I wasn't going any where until later in the day (the picture was taken straight after application) and the colour is a gorgeous pink shade which has a sort of glossy top coat. By 4 o clock the gloss had worn off but the colour was still the same and very pigmented. After going to the cinema and indulging in some cheeky snacks my lips had a beautiful pink stain that was full and covered the full lip. There was no embarrassing outline or patchy coloured parts; this lip stain really did last. By 7 o clock a whole 4 and a half hours after applying I was finally left with a pink outline and clear lips. I find this to be pretty darn impressive, considering this cost roughly £2 and I had eaten my tea and snacks and had several drinks without topping this up.

I would most definitely recommend this to anyone as I think for the price they truly are amazing. I think i'm going to treat myself to the other shades as a girl can never have to many lip products, right?

Have you tried these? What are your favourite lip stains?


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