Sunday, 25 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips: Review

Basically you must live in a hole if you have not heard of these little beauties recently (no offence if you do actually live in a hole) but yes Maybelline baby lips are EVERYWHERE recently except for the majority of Boots and Superdrug stores near me ha! Anyway, about two/three weeks ago I managed to pick up two different flavours/shades of the latest beauty craze. The two I picked up were 'cherry me' and the intense moisture lip balm.

 I decided to pick up one which gave some colour and one that I could wear at night to hydrate my lips. The only difference with these two lip balms is that 'cherry me' is a deep raspberry colour and the intense moisture is clear. Both these lip balms are extremely hydrating and keep the lips hydrated for around 3 to 4 hours without reapplying. The colour lasts for a little less I would say around 2 hours so if your main concern is the colour then maybe these aren't for you. This isn't to say that the lip balms aren't pigmented as the colour is quite obvious on the lips. Because these are a lip balm when the colour fades you aren't left with an outline which is a plus I suppose.

(Cherry Me Swatched)

The packaging is cute and girly with different colours representing the different shades and jobs of the lip balm. I think the packaging is quite young looking and would be perfect for teenage girls to carry around at school etc although I don't see that as a major problem for older girls and women. The colours are bright and eye catching, instantly drawing your eye to them (if you can find them in shops that is) and are a great addition to a lipstick collection. Cherry Me unsurprisingly smells a lot like cherries whereas the Intense Moisture lip balm has a minty fresh scent which refreshes the mouth, I really like both scents however they don't really transfer onto the lips.

I love that Maybelline decided to create lip balms with colour pay off as it is the perfect combination for your lips. I think these will be essential during the winter months when the cold weather dries and cracks the majority of people's lips. Hopefully Maybelline will choose to create more A/W shades for the colder months and if they do I for sure will be purchasing them.

Overall I think that these are a lovely addition to your makeup bag and are pretty good at hydrating the lips, however if you want to buy these for the colour pay off then I definitely wouldn't suggest the shade cherry me as the colour just does not last long enough in my eyes to be classed as a lip colour. I've not tried the other coloured lip balms which are grape vine, pink punch and peach kiss so they may have more longevity. I suggest that these are ideal for younger girls to wear during school but maybe not so good for women who don't have time to touch up their lipstick.

Have you tried these, what are your opinions? Did you struggle finding these?


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