Thursday, 8 August 2013

Collective Beauty Haul

If you read one of my previous post's you'll realize i'm actually on a spending ban this month (you can read the post here) although to be honest it isn't going brilliantly, my first update will be posted soon. Anyway, you may be thinking why am I posting a beauty haul but fear not my friends the majority of the products were ordered online before the dreaded ban began and the last three items I must admit have been bought today but i'm easing myself in gently ha!

NYC In A New York Minute - Blue Sky
I decided to take full advantage of Superdrug's free delivery online and this colour caught my eye straight away. Fleur from FleurDeForce featured this colour in her July favourties and I have to agree with her, The colour is beautiful, it's one of them were when you have it on your nails you're constantly looking down at them and smiling. I love NYC nail polish's they are so cheap and are so quick to dry.

NYC nail polish - Late Night Latte
I've been wanting a nudey coloured nail varnish for a while now as I think it's such a lovely autumn colour and this one is perfect. It's a nudey, champagne colour and looks really classy and chanel-esque. Again this was so cheap, I think it was £1.75 ish and I can't wait to wear it come autumn time.

NYC In A New York Minute - Park Ave
So I bought this colour to go with the nude colour, these would look lovely together with this polish on the ring finger to add a bit of detail and to make the nude polish stand out. Again I bought this more for Autumn but i'll more than likely be using this before as I just can't stop changing my nail colour.

Sleek Blush - Rose Gold
My first ever Sleek product just had to be the Rose gold blush which is beautiful. Before I decided which shade to get I did some blogger research and saw that this shade was a dupe of Nars Orgasm which I have wanted to try forever. I was so happy when this came, the blush in the packaging looks quite shimmery as there are gold speckles added to the pink colour but it looks so lovely on the skin and doesn't give a shimmery finish. I'm now lookig to by the lace palette and the contour kit!


MUA Power Pouts - Justify (top) & Runway (bottom)
These crayon lip type stains are everywhere in the drug store at the minute. I'd seen this several times in Superdrug but whilst browsing online I saw that they were 2 for £4 so these two were added to my basket. Luckily i'd swatched them both in the shop before hand. Justify is a more coral-ly pink colour even thought it looks bright orange and runway is a orangey red. These are extremely moisturising and the colour is very pigmented, however these need to be topped up quite often, especially after food or drinks.


Natural Collection Clear Mascara
So next I had a little visit to Boots and ended up buying three Natural Collection Products for £5, I really like some of the Natural Collection products and they are so so cheap! I picked this up to use to set my brows, I didn't want to spend a lot as I think they all do the same job so this is perfect for the job.

Natural Collection Blush - Peach Melba
I picked this up as I saw it was a dupe for Mac melba blush which my sister had just bought. I'm going to do a blog post on this soon to show you the differences and similarities. So far this is a really lovely blush and the colour is very, very similar to Mac's Melba at about a tenth of the price (i'm awful at fractions).

Natural Collection Lipstick - Rose Bud
Finally I bought yet another lipstick, I really like Natural Collection lipsticks mainly because they are so cheap! But they are extremely moisturising and look lovely on the lips. This is a pinky colour which looks a bit like your own lips but better. My ever growing Mac lipstick collection is mainly made up of bright, night time colours so this is a perfect addition to my day time lipsticks.

Direct Cosmetics 

Essie - Where's My Chauffeur? 
Yet more nail varnish to add to my collection but how could I resist Essie nail varnish for £2.99! Now I know fragrance direct do Essie nail varnish for £1.99 but the colour range can become quite boring so I decided to push out the boat and pay £1 more for 3 beautiful colours. The first is this gorgeous mint green colour. I haven't tried this colour yet but looking at the bottle this is a kind of green, blue and grey shade which looks very different to any other colours I own.

Essie - Butler Please
Again, another Essie nail varnish. This is a vibrant, cobalt blue and I currently have this on my nails. It's quite a wintery colour I would say as it can add some much needed colour to a simple outfit. I love this shade and think it looks lovely on, it really reminds me of Nails Inc Baker Street which I was obsessed with not long ago.

Essie - Virgin Orchid
And finally a gorgeous pink shade with gold specks running through. This is one of the loveliest pink shades I've ever seen and it looks beautiful on the nails. I love the consistency of Essie nail polish's and the longevity as these lasts for a few days which is so rare for my nail varnish. I'll definitely be wearing this shade a lot.

Maybelline 24 hour Colour Tattoo - Pink Gold
I finally got round to picking this up and for the bargain price of £1.89! I got the shade pink gold and it's bloody beautiful. I'm more of a neutral eye shadow kind of girl so this is taking me out of my comfort zone some what. I've used this during the day but i'm excited to work with this for a night time look.

Superdrug & Home Bargains (today, whoops!)

Maybelline Baby Lips - Cherry Me
So they finally had these in my local Superdrug, yeyyy! I had to break my spending ban for this little beauty. I'd heard so many good things about them that I was dying to try them. I got the shade Cherry Me as I wanted some more red lip colours although this is a more pinky colour. These are currently on three for two in Boots & Superdrug so I think I may have to pick up a few more, I really want the intense one to keep on my bed side table to apply before bed.

Superdrug Blending Brush
For anyone who knows me I have been looking for a blending brush for months now. I've recently started experimenting with eyeshadows and this was the only thing I needed to add to my collection. I saw this for £1.99 and just added it to my basket, I was going to buy the No7 blending brush for £7.25 so although I did have to spend to buy this I did save myself around £5!

Oval Cotton Wool Pads
So I said in my ban post that I could buy essentials, I see cotton pads as an essential because I need to take my makeup off somehow. I think these are a perfect size for removing makeup as both sides can be used. I've gone through so many of these since I bought my micellar solution but it's working so well for my skin.

So that's all I've been buying over the last two weeks. What have you been buying? Have you tried any of these things?


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