Wednesday, 14 August 2013

B. Pure Micellar Water: Review

I'd been thinking about changing my cleanser for quite a while when I saw this at the front of the till in Superdrug around a month ago. I am a shop's dream and i'm forever falling for the little marketing scandals shops have where they have cute, eye catching products staring at you from the till. What made it even better is that beautiful pink bubble we are all so familiar with stating that it was now "half price" signs glared at me and enticed me to add this micellar water into my basket.

The bottle states that this is a "quick and easy 3 in 1 cleanser that dissolves impurities in a single sweep" now i'm not going to go crazy and say one sweep will do your entire face but I must admit that I was surprised with how well this worked. Apart from a quick rub on the eyelid, this micellar water really does cleanse the skin super fast, especially foundation and lip products. I love that this is 'gentle enough to use on the delicate eye area' as it speeds up the process of removing your makeup as one product does the entire job which is perfect for me as i'm quite a lazy skin care girl.

One of the three features of this is that it refreshes the face with cucumber juice extracts. Now I do not believe this smells like cucumber in the slightest. It does have a chemically smell however this goes when it's on the skin. Although, it does leave a horrible taste on the lips but that can be over come by using a lip balm or something similar. The first time I used this my face felt tight and oily however I used a night cream and every thing was fine. Since the very first time I used it my face has never felt like it before so definitely persevere if this has happened to you.

I've been using this morning and night for around a month now and i'm about a third of the way through the bottle which I think is pretty arn good considering I only paid around £3.36 for it. Like I said this was on offer when I bought it and i've seen it every time i've popped in to Superdrug for the same price so i'm pretty sure you can buy it now and still get it for around half the price.

Have you tried this or any other micellar water?



  1. sounds good! i might try this after my current one runs out.
    im currently using the l'oreal skin perfection 3 in 1 micellar solution which i picked up in superdrug a few weeks ago cause it was on offer!


    1. I couldn't decide between them at the time, I might try that one when this one runs out then we can compare :) xo

  2. I didnt get on with this. I got it in my eye and it stings so much! Don't great for eye makeup removal!

    1. I've heard a lot of people say that, it never did that for me weirdly. Maybe I just have super insensitive eyes ha xo


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