Thursday, 1 August 2013

August Spending Ban

So we're just over half way through the year and I must admit I have bought way way to many things over the past 7 months that I haven't used or didn't need. This got me thinking, can I survive a whole 31 day month without the little treats that I so often allow myself? I can't actually remember the last time I went shopping and didn't come home with something whether that be a new pair of shoes or a stupid chocolate bar that caught my eye near a shop's till. So i've decided to give it a go and not spend anything (except for my phone bill and necessities - nobody wants to sit next to someone who can't afford deodorant do they?) for the whole of August.

I'll more than likely be doing weekly updates to let you know how i'm progressing and i'm going to try and create a collage type thing documenting all the things that I have been tempted to buy that I can find on the internet, i'm pretty sure they'll be a whole load.

So today is the 1st and I managed to pop to the shops and come home with nothing. I did pop to Superdrug to purchase a Maybelline baby lips but luckily for this spending ban they hadn't re stocked by the time I went in, fate anyone?
Have you completed a spending ban? Do you think you could last?


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