Friday, 30 August 2013

August Favourites

(Natural Collection Bronzer - Sun Shine, Intense Moisture Baby Lips, Dove Nourishing Oil Care, Blue Nail Varnishes - Essie Bikini so Teeny - Barry M Blueberry - Essie Butler Please, Quickies Nail Varnish removing pads, Mua Undress Me Too Palette)

Man, where has this year gone? I'm already thinking about A/W trends and looking at scarfs, hats and coats which i'm a little excited about I must admit. Anyway, I've been loving quite a few different products this month as I decided that I wanted to go down the beauty side of blogger over the fashion side so I had to experiment obviously.

I've been on the look out for the perfect bronzer for so so long now and just could not find one that suited my skin tone and looked like a natural contour. Whilst sorting through my make up I find this Natural Collection bronzer in the shade sun shine, I thought i'd give it ago and i've used this every day this month. The shade is perfect for my skin and when applied with a big blusher brush this is the ideal contour shade for me. The best part is this is ridiculously cheap so make sure you have a look next time you pop into Boots.

Okay, so i'm guessing these will feature in a lot of favourite posts this month but this little baby has been my night time saviour. I love applying this before bed and letting it soak into my lips during the night. I have done a little review on the Maybelline Baby Lips which you can read here if you want where I go in to a bit more detail. I keep this on my bed side table and honestly think it is doing wonders for my lips.

I've never been a big hair care fan but a couple of months ago I noticed this in Boots for a mere £1.75. I instantly bought it and then came home to do a little research. So many bloggers rave about this such as Faye from Faye's Fix and I can totally see why. I've been using this every time I wash my hair for the last two months and my hair is in such good condition. It feels stronger and the scent of this is amazing.

This is a bit of a weird one but i've been loving blue nail varnish so much this month. I'm forever changing my nail polish but this month the only shade I seem to have worn is blue. I posted a picture on instagram of my ombre blue nails to show my love for blue nail polish. Barry M blueberry is my favourite of these three however it is nearly identical to Essie Bikini so teeny that you can hardly tell the difference. I love how blue polishes look with jeans and a white top/jumper they just look super summery.

Argh, I cannot share my love for these enough! These have literally saved my life, I change nail polish around 4/5 times a week so I get very bored of using liquid nail varnish removers and cotton pads. Whilst shopping for holiday mini's I found these in Superdrug and they are incredible. They smell quite strong and you need to wash your hands after using them but they really do speed up the nail varnish removal process and get rid of really stubborn nail colours. I use one pad every time I change my nail varnish so I really need to repurchase these.

I'm sure i've talked about my Mua Undress Me Too palette in a favourites post before but i've really been loving the shades this month. My favourite has to be 'shy' which is the third one in on the top row. I use this as an inner eye highlighter and it's so good. It lasts all day and keeps me looking awake when i'm not at my best. I'm also loving the bronze/copper shades and I love blending them together to create different looks.

What have you been loving this month? Do you love/hate any of these products?


Sunday, 25 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips: Review

Basically you must live in a hole if you have not heard of these little beauties recently (no offence if you do actually live in a hole) but yes Maybelline baby lips are EVERYWHERE recently except for the majority of Boots and Superdrug stores near me ha! Anyway, about two/three weeks ago I managed to pick up two different flavours/shades of the latest beauty craze. The two I picked up were 'cherry me' and the intense moisture lip balm.

 I decided to pick up one which gave some colour and one that I could wear at night to hydrate my lips. The only difference with these two lip balms is that 'cherry me' is a deep raspberry colour and the intense moisture is clear. Both these lip balms are extremely hydrating and keep the lips hydrated for around 3 to 4 hours without reapplying. The colour lasts for a little less I would say around 2 hours so if your main concern is the colour then maybe these aren't for you. This isn't to say that the lip balms aren't pigmented as the colour is quite obvious on the lips. Because these are a lip balm when the colour fades you aren't left with an outline which is a plus I suppose.

(Cherry Me Swatched)

The packaging is cute and girly with different colours representing the different shades and jobs of the lip balm. I think the packaging is quite young looking and would be perfect for teenage girls to carry around at school etc although I don't see that as a major problem for older girls and women. The colours are bright and eye catching, instantly drawing your eye to them (if you can find them in shops that is) and are a great addition to a lipstick collection. Cherry Me unsurprisingly smells a lot like cherries whereas the Intense Moisture lip balm has a minty fresh scent which refreshes the mouth, I really like both scents however they don't really transfer onto the lips.

I love that Maybelline decided to create lip balms with colour pay off as it is the perfect combination for your lips. I think these will be essential during the winter months when the cold weather dries and cracks the majority of people's lips. Hopefully Maybelline will choose to create more A/W shades for the colder months and if they do I for sure will be purchasing them.

Overall I think that these are a lovely addition to your makeup bag and are pretty good at hydrating the lips, however if you want to buy these for the colour pay off then I definitely wouldn't suggest the shade cherry me as the colour just does not last long enough in my eyes to be classed as a lip colour. I've not tried the other coloured lip balms which are grape vine, pink punch and peach kiss so they may have more longevity. I suggest that these are ideal for younger girls to wear during school but maybe not so good for women who don't have time to touch up their lipstick.

Have you tried these, what are your opinions? Did you struggle finding these?


Saturday, 24 August 2013

My Every Day Makeup Video

I just thought i'd share with you my recent youtube video which is a look at my everyday makeup. I really enjoyed filming this video and i'm pretty darn happy with it so if you want to watch it you can click here. I love watching video's on youtube like this so if you have any video's like this then please leave them in the comments.

I also just want to let you know that i'm using twitter a lot more, my twitter name is @studentstylexo so give me a tweet or a follow :)!



Thursday, 22 August 2013

Another Beauty Wishlist


Ever since I decided to head full frontal down the beauty blogging path my mind has literally been focused on beauty products at least 90% of the day. Now as i'm still on a spending ban (cry!) I've not been able to buy many beauty products (except some new skin care products which will be reviewed next week) so I decided to create a little wishlist of things I will more than likely be buying come September.

01// I love my Collection lasting perfection concealer like the rest of the world don't get me wrong but I think it might be time to try something different. I'm hardly going far as this is another Collection concealer but I just thought I'd like to try this one and then maybe do a little comparison review.

02// Again, I love my rimmel stay matte powder but I think i'm just in the mood for a change. I've heard a lot of good things about this powder and the Soap and Glory make up range in general so this is definitely something i'd like to try.

03// I'm really getting into my skin care at the minute and my goodness you cannot read any blog without this appearing somewhere! I love the colour of the packaging and I think i'll be saving my Boots points in order to purchase this.

04// I've recently started wearing winged eyeliner again after taking a little break ad i'm afraid my current felt tip eyeliner just isn't cutting it at the minute. I love the majority of Rimmel products so hopefully this one will become another one of my favourite items.

05// I love this mascara, it does brilliant things for my lashes. My mum has this at the minute and I definitely need this in my makeup collection. It is the perfect mascara for my lashes!

06// Finally i'm a little late on the band wagon but when these bad boys came out I was just discovering my love of Mac lipsticks so I have a pretty good excuse. Anyway, these look brilliant. I've read a lot of good reviews on these and I think the shade 'big bang' would be the perfect addition to my ever growing lipstick collection.

What products are you lusting over?


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Spending Ban - Update Two

So 20 days down only 11 to go, wahoooo! I must admit I have been a lot better the second half of the month which is good, I think I had wanted a lot of things in July and therefore some of those needs wants ran over to early August hence the spending at the beginning.

Any who on to what I have actually bought since my last post. I'm pretty darn pleased to tell you that i've only bought one top from New Look (in the sale), two Barry M gelly nail varnish's but I used my Superdrug points to get them and finally the Nspa beauty box from Asda!

Since i've decided that I want to make this blog more beauty focused I seem to think that that means, spend, spend, spend on beauty products which of course it does to us bloggers but it is not so helpful with my spending ban.

With only 11 days to go I hope I can cling on and survive a little longer, God help me on the 1st September.

Do you like beauty or fashion posts the bests? What have you been buying lately?


Saturday, 17 August 2013

Mua Power Pout: Review

Lip stains/crayons are every where at the minute, the clinique chubby stick seems to have been the original and then the good old drug store seemed to bring A LOT of cheaper 'dupes'. Today i'm going to be reviewing the Mua Power Pout colour intense tint and balm. I have two of these in the shade Justify and Runaway as they were on offer for 2 for £4 from Superdrug but the one thought i'll be reviewing is Justify.

The packaging is very similar to the other lip stains available in the drug store. The lip stain is shaped like a chunky crayon and the silver end can be twisted to push the stain up and down, the lid also fits on the end which is a handy little tool I think as i'm forever losing the lids to things. The packaging is supposed to reflect the shades of each of these lip stains however I don't believe that the shade Justify looks anything similar to this bright orange packaging.

These lip balms are extremely moisturising and creamy. They don't drag the lips and apply like a dream. They have quite a strong minty smell however this disappears once the product has been applied, although I quite like the scent as it adds to the refreshing feel of a lip balm. Whilst wearing these they keep your lips super soft, and even after a couple of hours wear my lips never once felt dry.

The best way that I would describe this shade of lipstick is Sleek's rose gold blush in lipstick form. It is a lovely glossy pink colour with hints of coral and speckles of gold. Honestly if you have Sleek rose gold blush, look at it and then that is the exact colour of this. Because this shade is more of a pink it certainly doesn't reflect the crazily bright orange packaging however this isn't a problem. The product is extremely pigmented and provides a full coverage even after the gloss has worn off.

I applied this lipstick at half past two as I wasn't going any where until later in the day (the picture was taken straight after application) and the colour is a gorgeous pink shade which has a sort of glossy top coat. By 4 o clock the gloss had worn off but the colour was still the same and very pigmented. After going to the cinema and indulging in some cheeky snacks my lips had a beautiful pink stain that was full and covered the full lip. There was no embarrassing outline or patchy coloured parts; this lip stain really did last. By 7 o clock a whole 4 and a half hours after applying I was finally left with a pink outline and clear lips. I find this to be pretty darn impressive, considering this cost roughly £2 and I had eaten my tea and snacks and had several drinks without topping this up.

I would most definitely recommend this to anyone as I think for the price they truly are amazing. I think i'm going to treat myself to the other shades as a girl can never have to many lip products, right?

Have you tried these? What are your favourite lip stains?


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

B. Pure Micellar Water: Review

I'd been thinking about changing my cleanser for quite a while when I saw this at the front of the till in Superdrug around a month ago. I am a shop's dream and i'm forever falling for the little marketing scandals shops have where they have cute, eye catching products staring at you from the till. What made it even better is that beautiful pink bubble we are all so familiar with stating that it was now "half price" signs glared at me and enticed me to add this micellar water into my basket.

The bottle states that this is a "quick and easy 3 in 1 cleanser that dissolves impurities in a single sweep" now i'm not going to go crazy and say one sweep will do your entire face but I must admit that I was surprised with how well this worked. Apart from a quick rub on the eyelid, this micellar water really does cleanse the skin super fast, especially foundation and lip products. I love that this is 'gentle enough to use on the delicate eye area' as it speeds up the process of removing your makeup as one product does the entire job which is perfect for me as i'm quite a lazy skin care girl.

One of the three features of this is that it refreshes the face with cucumber juice extracts. Now I do not believe this smells like cucumber in the slightest. It does have a chemically smell however this goes when it's on the skin. Although, it does leave a horrible taste on the lips but that can be over come by using a lip balm or something similar. The first time I used this my face felt tight and oily however I used a night cream and every thing was fine. Since the very first time I used it my face has never felt like it before so definitely persevere if this has happened to you.

I've been using this morning and night for around a month now and i'm about a third of the way through the bottle which I think is pretty arn good considering I only paid around £3.36 for it. Like I said this was on offer when I bought it and i've seen it every time i've popped in to Superdrug for the same price so i'm pretty sure you can buy it now and still get it for around half the price.

Have you tried this or any other micellar water?


Monday, 12 August 2013

Spending Ban - Update One

I'm sat here on this rainy Monday afternoon regretfully writing this post. Why oh why did I decide to share my quest to undergo a spending ban with the internet. So, it's been 12 full days since I pledged to the blogosphere that I wouldn't be buying anything that was not essential; well i've failed! I just cannot resist those cute little baby lips or that sparkly reduced jumper.

In twelve days i've managed to buy:

1) reduced jumper from Matalan (this was a bargain as I would have just spent more money next month on a more expensive jumper).
2) That 'blogger' dress from Primark (i'm a blogger and therefore I needed it).
3) Maybelline baby lips (who doesn't need cute, scented and coloured lip balms?)
4) A kimono and a £3 skirt from Primark (enough said).

All this being said, I have bought things that have been on offer or reduced which in the long term will save me money. I have also resisted so many things which without this so called spending ban I would have gone out and bought.

Have you taken a spending ban? What have you been buying this month?


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Collective Beauty Haul

If you read one of my previous post's you'll realize i'm actually on a spending ban this month (you can read the post here) although to be honest it isn't going brilliantly, my first update will be posted soon. Anyway, you may be thinking why am I posting a beauty haul but fear not my friends the majority of the products were ordered online before the dreaded ban began and the last three items I must admit have been bought today but i'm easing myself in gently ha!

NYC In A New York Minute - Blue Sky
I decided to take full advantage of Superdrug's free delivery online and this colour caught my eye straight away. Fleur from FleurDeForce featured this colour in her July favourties and I have to agree with her, The colour is beautiful, it's one of them were when you have it on your nails you're constantly looking down at them and smiling. I love NYC nail polish's they are so cheap and are so quick to dry.

NYC nail polish - Late Night Latte
I've been wanting a nudey coloured nail varnish for a while now as I think it's such a lovely autumn colour and this one is perfect. It's a nudey, champagne colour and looks really classy and chanel-esque. Again this was so cheap, I think it was £1.75 ish and I can't wait to wear it come autumn time.

NYC In A New York Minute - Park Ave
So I bought this colour to go with the nude colour, these would look lovely together with this polish on the ring finger to add a bit of detail and to make the nude polish stand out. Again I bought this more for Autumn but i'll more than likely be using this before as I just can't stop changing my nail colour.

Sleek Blush - Rose Gold
My first ever Sleek product just had to be the Rose gold blush which is beautiful. Before I decided which shade to get I did some blogger research and saw that this shade was a dupe of Nars Orgasm which I have wanted to try forever. I was so happy when this came, the blush in the packaging looks quite shimmery as there are gold speckles added to the pink colour but it looks so lovely on the skin and doesn't give a shimmery finish. I'm now lookig to by the lace palette and the contour kit!


MUA Power Pouts - Justify (top) & Runway (bottom)
These crayon lip type stains are everywhere in the drug store at the minute. I'd seen this several times in Superdrug but whilst browsing online I saw that they were 2 for £4 so these two were added to my basket. Luckily i'd swatched them both in the shop before hand. Justify is a more coral-ly pink colour even thought it looks bright orange and runway is a orangey red. These are extremely moisturising and the colour is very pigmented, however these need to be topped up quite often, especially after food or drinks.


Natural Collection Clear Mascara
So next I had a little visit to Boots and ended up buying three Natural Collection Products for £5, I really like some of the Natural Collection products and they are so so cheap! I picked this up to use to set my brows, I didn't want to spend a lot as I think they all do the same job so this is perfect for the job.

Natural Collection Blush - Peach Melba
I picked this up as I saw it was a dupe for Mac melba blush which my sister had just bought. I'm going to do a blog post on this soon to show you the differences and similarities. So far this is a really lovely blush and the colour is very, very similar to Mac's Melba at about a tenth of the price (i'm awful at fractions).

Natural Collection Lipstick - Rose Bud
Finally I bought yet another lipstick, I really like Natural Collection lipsticks mainly because they are so cheap! But they are extremely moisturising and look lovely on the lips. This is a pinky colour which looks a bit like your own lips but better. My ever growing Mac lipstick collection is mainly made up of bright, night time colours so this is a perfect addition to my day time lipsticks.

Direct Cosmetics 

Essie - Where's My Chauffeur? 
Yet more nail varnish to add to my collection but how could I resist Essie nail varnish for £2.99! Now I know fragrance direct do Essie nail varnish for £1.99 but the colour range can become quite boring so I decided to push out the boat and pay £1 more for 3 beautiful colours. The first is this gorgeous mint green colour. I haven't tried this colour yet but looking at the bottle this is a kind of green, blue and grey shade which looks very different to any other colours I own.

Essie - Butler Please
Again, another Essie nail varnish. This is a vibrant, cobalt blue and I currently have this on my nails. It's quite a wintery colour I would say as it can add some much needed colour to a simple outfit. I love this shade and think it looks lovely on, it really reminds me of Nails Inc Baker Street which I was obsessed with not long ago.

Essie - Virgin Orchid
And finally a gorgeous pink shade with gold specks running through. This is one of the loveliest pink shades I've ever seen and it looks beautiful on the nails. I love the consistency of Essie nail polish's and the longevity as these lasts for a few days which is so rare for my nail varnish. I'll definitely be wearing this shade a lot.

Maybelline 24 hour Colour Tattoo - Pink Gold
I finally got round to picking this up and for the bargain price of £1.89! I got the shade pink gold and it's bloody beautiful. I'm more of a neutral eye shadow kind of girl so this is taking me out of my comfort zone some what. I've used this during the day but i'm excited to work with this for a night time look.

Superdrug & Home Bargains (today, whoops!)

Maybelline Baby Lips - Cherry Me
So they finally had these in my local Superdrug, yeyyy! I had to break my spending ban for this little beauty. I'd heard so many good things about them that I was dying to try them. I got the shade Cherry Me as I wanted some more red lip colours although this is a more pinky colour. These are currently on three for two in Boots & Superdrug so I think I may have to pick up a few more, I really want the intense one to keep on my bed side table to apply before bed.

Superdrug Blending Brush
For anyone who knows me I have been looking for a blending brush for months now. I've recently started experimenting with eyeshadows and this was the only thing I needed to add to my collection. I saw this for £1.99 and just added it to my basket, I was going to buy the No7 blending brush for £7.25 so although I did have to spend to buy this I did save myself around £5!

Oval Cotton Wool Pads
So I said in my ban post that I could buy essentials, I see cotton pads as an essential because I need to take my makeup off somehow. I think these are a perfect size for removing makeup as both sides can be used. I've gone through so many of these since I bought my micellar solution but it's working so well for my skin.

So that's all I've been buying over the last two weeks. What have you been buying? Have you tried any of these things?


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Instagram Update

01// new cut out boots from Primark 02// topshop mom jeans and primark goodies 03// disney colouring book 04// 'me' time

05// cheeky 'selfie' before my nephews birthday 06// the boyfriend and I chilling in the garden 07// Superman tired himself out 08// gossip girl and magic stars before bed

09// straight hair for a change 10// Coral nails 11// rainy days call for mom jeans and converse 12// loved my postman for bringing my superdrug delivery 

13// good hair day for a change 14// blue ombre nails

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