Monday, 10 June 2013

Catch up

Hi guys, I just wanted to take the time to catch up with you lovely lot and let you know why i've been hugely slacking on the blogging front. Firstly, i've finished my assignments wooooo! But I still have a presentation left to do which now needs a file to go with it. This file needs to include a 2500 word essay with a huge amount of appendices which I've only just found out this week so my social life has come to an end and i'm literally working all hours of the day.

So that is the reason I won't be blogging for around a week, hopefully you guys understand where I'm coming from but it'll soon be summer and i'll be back! I also go on holiday in just over 2 weeks so I'll hopefully be scheduling some posts to go up whilst i'm away!

How do you feel when you haven't blogged for a while?



  1. Oh essays. They're the bane of my existence. I've just finished Uni for the summer so know how you feel. Hope you get them all finished soon and can enjoy the summer!

    Goood Luck!

    1. Thank you lovely, i'm finally finished xo


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