Saturday, 11 May 2013

Revlon Vs L'oreal Foundation Battle!

Hello lovely people! I have a kind of review slash comparison kind of post for you today. I've been on the look out for a new foundation for a while now, I really really want to try the MAC foundations but as i'm super skint at the minute it doesn't look like i'll be buying it any time soon.

Anyway, I thought I would try the Revlon Photoready and the L'oreal true match foundation. I've tried both of them for a couple of weeks now so I thought i'd share my views with you.

Revlon Photoready in Shade 002 Vanilla
This was the first foundation I bought out of the two of them and I was really looking forward to trying this. This retails for £12.99 on the Boots website which is a lot more expensive than the other drug store options, however I thought i'd give it a try. 

The Good
This shade is perfect for my skin tone, as i'm quite pale I often struggle with foudation shades but this perfect.  This foundation also has a pretty good coverage however I did still need to use a concealer on red areas or pretty hefty spots. The last power of this is also pretty decent, i'd say it lasts around 8 hours which is perfect for a day at school or work. 

The Bad
Now, I don't know what it is but this foundation just does not agree with me. As i've said the colour is perfect for me but this little bugger does not blend in to my skin at all. I've tried using my fingers, a sponge and my real techniques brushes but it just looks cakey and patchy. I've tried using a primer beforehand and then not using a primer but still I get the same out come. It literally highlights every single pore on my face and just makes them so obvious! I wouldn't say I have particularly large pores either.

Overall, this foundation isn't for me and I definitely won't be repurchasing. At £12.99 it is quite expensive which puts me off as well but if you've used Revlon foundation before then this might be for you. However if you have any kind of pores then stay away, unless you want to look like a golf ball ha!

L'oreal True Match Foundation in shade N1 Ivory
So after my disappointing encounter with Revlon I thought I would try L'oreal. I bought this with my Boots points but it retails for around £9.99 which is cheaper than the Revlon. I'd heard good things about this and my sister uses it which persuaded me to give this ago.

The Good
Again with this foundation the colour is a perfect match and this time it really blends in to me skin, yeyyy! I love applying this with my real techniques brush as the finish is lovely. I've tried this with and without a primer underneath and it definitely lasts longer with a primer. Again about 8 hours which is the same as the Revlon foundation. This gives me a real healthy glow and the coverage is about medium meaning I only have to use concealer on really obvious spots.

The Bad
This foundation doesn't really last very long without a primer. I'd say about 4-5 hours which is no way long enough for work or school. However this is easily solved with a primer so it doesn't put me off the product very much. Also, the consistency is quite runny and I tend to spill a little bit every time so just be careful when applying this.

Overall, I really like this foundation and I would definitely repurchase although next on my (realistic) wish list is the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. The shade is perfect, the foundation is super blendable which is what it says on the packaging and the price is pretty good too.

Have you tried either of these foundations? What foundation are you loving?


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  1. Aww I have dry skin and the L'oreal foundation look horrific on me! I tried the photo ready but when i was 14 (im 20 now) I found it was a bit glittery on my skin!


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