Thursday, 9 May 2013

Makeup Storage

Hello my lovely people! Something a little different today but i've been feeling a lack of fashion inspiration so i'm sorry for the lack of OOTD posts but i'm sure they will be coming soon. I've got one assignment left and then I have checking and proof reading etc to do inbetween but two weeks today and all my assignments will be done, woooooo!

Anyway, today I thought I would show you my new storage boxes from B&M that I've bought and show you the favourite part of my bedroom except for my bed of course.

I bought the woven boxes from B&M for £1.99 and they are perfect! I bought four long ones and then one smaller, taller one which I put my deodorant etc in. These are perfect for me as I travel to and from my uni house twice a week so these little boxes are easy for me to see what I need to take rather than raking through drawers looking for things.

So as you can see I have my nail varnish bits and bobs in this one all though I couldn't fit them all in so I just chose my most worn colours, I've also got nail varnish remover in there and cotton pads in my cupcake mug at the back. I then have face moisturisers, body sprays and a few make up bits in the other one. I have my trust Company High Street Edit which I look through all the time for inspiration.

Next I have my ever growing perfume collection. I Love Britney Spear's perfumes so I have a fair few of hers, my favourite is probably Circus. I then also love Next perfume so I have two bottles of Just Pink and then odd random perfumes and packaging as I think they are really cute. Also, my bargain £3 jewellery stand from Matalan, I love this although I don't use it all that much as I'm forever taking my jewellery back and fourth to uni. I have some anniversary cards too because they just make me smile and some candles to make my room a little girlier. I really want to start getting in to candles but i'm just terrified of leaving them on and causing a fire ha!

Then my last two boxes have hair bits and pieces in, usually combs, heat protection sprays and bobby pins. I am forever losing bobby pins, please tell me it isnt just me. I literally lose them everywhere I'll usually find about 7 in bed the next morning so I just drop them in there and I know where they are. And finally the last box has body butters and bath creams etc. I have very sensitive skin so I rarely use bubble baths or perfumed shower gels so I thought I would store the ones I do have that I can use so that I stop buying new ones. The majority of these I received at Christmas or birthdays which I forget about so now I can see them when i'm running low on shower gel. Finally, my real techniques core collection kit. You can see my review here I absolutely love them! I apologise that they aren't clean but when these pictures were taken I hadn't had time to buy some baby shampoo.

So there's a little sneak peak of my bedroom. How do you store your makeup and skin care?



  1. Those are nice boxes and a bargain- Usually cheap ones are boring!
    I used to store everything in one big box which wasn't good as I forgot about most things- Now I got different boxes for each thing it's a bit easier to find what I want!

    (I used to have that cupcake mug as well- but was gutted when I broke it!)

    1. I know, they just match my room perfectly. Yeah I used to have a big box but it was so hard finding everything. This is a much better idea.
      Aw no, mine has a chip in it but fingers crossed it lasts xo


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