Monday, 20 May 2013

How I Style: A Neon Jumper

Hello guys, hope you're all okay! I have a confession to make, i've been a really really bad blogger and forgot probably thee most important about having a blog.

 Let me explain... The other day  had a marvelous idea for a video as you can probably tell by the title it was a "How I Style" type video involving a neon jumper. Now I have filmed that video and you can watch it here.

However, I was supposed to take pictures of each outfit for those of you who don't like youtube or videos or what not etc but I was in a bit of a rush and forgot to take the pictures. I'm super super super sorry but when I get chance and i'm at home again I will take the pictures and then update this post. But for now all I have is the video...

Thanks guys xo



  1. Love it! This has really helped as I've been unsure what to wear my neon jumper with!

  2. Good stuff, I love watching these types of videos xo


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