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Colours of the Rainbow TAG!

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Hi everyone, slightly different post for you today. If you don't know i'm obsessed with YouTube and beauty/fashion channels so when I saw Essie Button doing this tag I decided i'd really like to turn it in to a blog post. So basically you find your favourite beauty product matching with the colours of the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet there are also pink and mulitcoloured in this tag too. Now I have cheated a little and I've gone with packaging colours rather than actually product colours but hey ho.

Red - Natural Collection Lip Stick in Cherry Red
I love this lipstick, i've done a blog post here if you want to see a full review. The colour is the perfect red shade for me as I love quite obvious, in your face lipsticks. The lipstick is really moisturising and stays on for a good length of time too.

Orange - Aussie Moisture Shine collection
I love, love, love the smell of this. It reminds me of those pink and blue fizzy bottle sweets. The shampoo and conditioner leave my hair in such good conditioner and when I use the 3 minute miracle treatment my hair looks and feels so so health. I use the treatment once a week and it has improved the condition so much.

Yellow - Dove Leave in and conditioning hair spray
This has to be my favourite ever hair product. This has totally changed my hair and my hair routine since i've been using this. I used to wash my hair every other day but with this i've managed to wait for around 3/4 days which is brilliant for my hair.

Green - Soap and Glory Foot Genius
So this product is a bluey greeny colour but this was the closest thing I could think of to green. Anyway, regardless of that this product is amazing. I've raved about this before on my blog but I honestly love this. It's so nice to use after a shower and it honestly makes your feet so much softer and smoother.

Blue - Clean and Clear
Just recently I've been getting really spots and my skin is just looking horrible so I've been on the search for a new face wash/cleanser. This is pretty good because it doesn't dry my skin out which is essential for my skin type. The smell is a little chemically but if you can get over that the you will more than likely like this face wash.

Indigo - Topshop Joni Jeans
Now I know this isn't a beauty product but I could not think of anything indigo. I'm literally living in these at the minute, they are so so comfy. They also go with plenty of things which is perfect and can be dressed up or down which I really like.

Violet - MUA Nail Polish in Frozen Yoghurt
My nail polish addiction is seriously bad now. This is the newest to my collection and I love love love it. The colour is so nice, the MUA range has really stepped up it's shade ranges recently. These last for quite a while too with a good top coat on. I would definitely recommend these for £1.

Pink -  Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash
Ahh, my favourite body wash, the scent of this is ridiculous. It lingers on the skin all day and it's beautiful. If you haven't tried this then stop what you're doing and go and buy one. These last for so so long too which means you can totally justify spending £6.50 on a shower gel.

Multicoloured - Mua Undressed 2 palette
So usually when I think of multicoloured I think of bright colours however I don't really own any multicoloured bright products so an eye shadow palette will have to do. I literally use this everyday, it's so good for people like me who aren't crazy eyeshadow wearers. It's pretty cheap too so again I recommend this to anyone.

Have you done this tag? If you have leave a link in the comments and if you haven't 
then I tag you to do it :)


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  1. Really great post idea!! Loved it :)

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