Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Colours of the Rainbow TAG!

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Hi everyone, slightly different post for you today. If you don't know i'm obsessed with YouTube and beauty/fashion channels so when I saw Essie Button doing this tag I decided i'd really like to turn it in to a blog post. So basically you find your favourite beauty product matching with the colours of the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet there are also pink and mulitcoloured in this tag too. Now I have cheated a little and I've gone with packaging colours rather than actually product colours but hey ho.

Red - Natural Collection Lip Stick in Cherry Red
I love this lipstick, i've done a blog post here if you want to see a full review. The colour is the perfect red shade for me as I love quite obvious, in your face lipsticks. The lipstick is really moisturising and stays on for a good length of time too.

Orange - Aussie Moisture Shine collection
I love, love, love the smell of this. It reminds me of those pink and blue fizzy bottle sweets. The shampoo and conditioner leave my hair in such good conditioner and when I use the 3 minute miracle treatment my hair looks and feels so so health. I use the treatment once a week and it has improved the condition so much.

Yellow - Dove Leave in and conditioning hair spray
This has to be my favourite ever hair product. This has totally changed my hair and my hair routine since i've been using this. I used to wash my hair every other day but with this i've managed to wait for around 3/4 days which is brilliant for my hair.

Green - Soap and Glory Foot Genius
So this product is a bluey greeny colour but this was the closest thing I could think of to green. Anyway, regardless of that this product is amazing. I've raved about this before on my blog but I honestly love this. It's so nice to use after a shower and it honestly makes your feet so much softer and smoother.

Blue - Clean and Clear
Just recently I've been getting really spots and my skin is just looking horrible so I've been on the search for a new face wash/cleanser. This is pretty good because it doesn't dry my skin out which is essential for my skin type. The smell is a little chemically but if you can get over that the you will more than likely like this face wash.

Indigo - Topshop Joni Jeans
Now I know this isn't a beauty product but I could not think of anything indigo. I'm literally living in these at the minute, they are so so comfy. They also go with plenty of things which is perfect and can be dressed up or down which I really like.

Violet - MUA Nail Polish in Frozen Yoghurt
My nail polish addiction is seriously bad now. This is the newest to my collection and I love love love it. The colour is so nice, the MUA range has really stepped up it's shade ranges recently. These last for quite a while too with a good top coat on. I would definitely recommend these for £1.

Pink -  Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash
Ahh, my favourite body wash, the scent of this is ridiculous. It lingers on the skin all day and it's beautiful. If you haven't tried this then stop what you're doing and go and buy one. These last for so so long too which means you can totally justify spending £6.50 on a shower gel.

Multicoloured - Mua Undressed 2 palette
So usually when I think of multicoloured I think of bright colours however I don't really own any multicoloured bright products so an eye shadow palette will have to do. I literally use this everyday, it's so good for people like me who aren't crazy eyeshadow wearers. It's pretty cheap too so again I recommend this to anyone.

Have you done this tag? If you have leave a link in the comments and if you haven't 
then I tag you to do it :)


Monday, 20 May 2013

How I Style: A Neon Jumper

Hello guys, hope you're all okay! I have a confession to make, i've been a really really bad blogger and forgot probably thee most important about having a blog.

 Let me explain... The other day  had a marvelous idea for a video as you can probably tell by the title it was a "How I Style" type video involving a neon jumper. Now I have filmed that video and you can watch it here.

However, I was supposed to take pictures of each outfit for those of you who don't like youtube or videos or what not etc but I was in a bit of a rush and forgot to take the pictures. I'm super super super sorry but when I get chance and i'm at home again I will take the pictures and then update this post. But for now all I have is the video...

Thanks guys xo


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My Little Find #05

Happy middle of the week people, I hope you're having a nice one. I thought I'd share with you today another little find.
Say hello to...

I have recently discovered Tessies and it is one of the nicest jewellery collections i've seen. They have the nicest statement necklaces I have ever seen. The jewellery is so reasonably priced that it made me fall even more in love. The shop is placed in Hull (yeyyy) but you can still buy online by clicking here. The owners also love animals so do not sell leather or other materials that cause harm to animals.

So here is a collection of my most wanted items. As you can see they have the nicest statement necklaces and I think I need them all! They also have the cutest rings, the rock paper scissors one is definitely my favourite. I love both the snake items too as they are so unique. The shop also sells clothes and accessories too which I highly recommend you check out. I will definitely be making a visit next time I'm home from university. 

Twitter: @Tessieshearts

Have you ever bought anything from Tessies?


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

H&M Wishlist

Hello again! I've made a H&M wish list this week as i'm seriously loving their stock at the minute. They have such nice clothes in but unfortunately i'm pretty skint right now so these will just have to stay in my dreams.

01) I love this gorgeous little vest, the colour is lovely and the design is so cute. For £7.99 this is such a bargain and perfect for the summer weather. I'd team this with a pair of denim shorts or disco pants if it was a bit cold.

02) How cute is this top really! I think it's so funny. I'm sure i've seen this on a blog somewhere and it just looks so lovely, casual but cool. I also really like the baggy style of the top as it'll be perfect for the walk to uni in the warmer weather.

03) I can't find the link to this online anymore (sorry) but I think it's lovely. I've been wanting a kimono type jacket for quite a while now and this one is perfect. I love the aztec style print on the back and I think it really adds a little something to the kimono.

04) Shorts for £12.99! Bargain, especially when they look like these. I love the design of these as they are so different. These are a bit short for me I think though but I will probably try them and then get sad ha! These will look so cute with a cute crop top and some white converse.

05) I think I might have featured this dress on another blog post before but I love it so much. For £12.99 this dress is amazing. I love the colours and the style. The back is cut out which is a really cute detail. This is perfect for summer teamed with a statement necklace and some black cut out boots.

06) Again I can't find the link to this necklace anymore but I think its a perfect statement necklace. I have lots of gold necklaces like this but not a silver one so for £7.99 I think this needs to be added to my collection. H&M have such lovely jewellery at the moment.

07) Finally a stack of rings. I have so many rings like this but I always lose them so for £2.99 you can't go wrong. I'd wear these stacked and some over the knuckle. I love over the knuckle rings so much, I think they are such a statement piece.

Are you loving H&M recently? 


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Revlon Vs L'oreal Foundation Battle!

Hello lovely people! I have a kind of review slash comparison kind of post for you today. I've been on the look out for a new foundation for a while now, I really really want to try the MAC foundations but as i'm super skint at the minute it doesn't look like i'll be buying it any time soon.

Anyway, I thought I would try the Revlon Photoready and the L'oreal true match foundation. I've tried both of them for a couple of weeks now so I thought i'd share my views with you.

Revlon Photoready in Shade 002 Vanilla
This was the first foundation I bought out of the two of them and I was really looking forward to trying this. This retails for £12.99 on the Boots website which is a lot more expensive than the other drug store options, however I thought i'd give it a try. 

The Good
This shade is perfect for my skin tone, as i'm quite pale I often struggle with foudation shades but this perfect.  This foundation also has a pretty good coverage however I did still need to use a concealer on red areas or pretty hefty spots. The last power of this is also pretty decent, i'd say it lasts around 8 hours which is perfect for a day at school or work. 

The Bad
Now, I don't know what it is but this foundation just does not agree with me. As i've said the colour is perfect for me but this little bugger does not blend in to my skin at all. I've tried using my fingers, a sponge and my real techniques brushes but it just looks cakey and patchy. I've tried using a primer beforehand and then not using a primer but still I get the same out come. It literally highlights every single pore on my face and just makes them so obvious! I wouldn't say I have particularly large pores either.

Overall, this foundation isn't for me and I definitely won't be repurchasing. At £12.99 it is quite expensive which puts me off as well but if you've used Revlon foundation before then this might be for you. However if you have any kind of pores then stay away, unless you want to look like a golf ball ha!

L'oreal True Match Foundation in shade N1 Ivory
So after my disappointing encounter with Revlon I thought I would try L'oreal. I bought this with my Boots points but it retails for around £9.99 which is cheaper than the Revlon. I'd heard good things about this and my sister uses it which persuaded me to give this ago.

The Good
Again with this foundation the colour is a perfect match and this time it really blends in to me skin, yeyyy! I love applying this with my real techniques brush as the finish is lovely. I've tried this with and without a primer underneath and it definitely lasts longer with a primer. Again about 8 hours which is the same as the Revlon foundation. This gives me a real healthy glow and the coverage is about medium meaning I only have to use concealer on really obvious spots.

The Bad
This foundation doesn't really last very long without a primer. I'd say about 4-5 hours which is no way long enough for work or school. However this is easily solved with a primer so it doesn't put me off the product very much. Also, the consistency is quite runny and I tend to spill a little bit every time so just be careful when applying this.

Overall, I really like this foundation and I would definitely repurchase although next on my (realistic) wish list is the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. The shade is perfect, the foundation is super blendable which is what it says on the packaging and the price is pretty good too.

Have you tried either of these foundations? What foundation are you loving?


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Makeup Storage

Hello my lovely people! Something a little different today but i've been feeling a lack of fashion inspiration so i'm sorry for the lack of OOTD posts but i'm sure they will be coming soon. I've got one assignment left and then I have checking and proof reading etc to do inbetween but two weeks today and all my assignments will be done, woooooo!

Anyway, today I thought I would show you my new storage boxes from B&M that I've bought and show you the favourite part of my bedroom except for my bed of course.

I bought the woven boxes from B&M for £1.99 and they are perfect! I bought four long ones and then one smaller, taller one which I put my deodorant etc in. These are perfect for me as I travel to and from my uni house twice a week so these little boxes are easy for me to see what I need to take rather than raking through drawers looking for things.

So as you can see I have my nail varnish bits and bobs in this one all though I couldn't fit them all in so I just chose my most worn colours, I've also got nail varnish remover in there and cotton pads in my cupcake mug at the back. I then have face moisturisers, body sprays and a few make up bits in the other one. I have my trust Company High Street Edit which I look through all the time for inspiration.

Next I have my ever growing perfume collection. I Love Britney Spear's perfumes so I have a fair few of hers, my favourite is probably Circus. I then also love Next perfume so I have two bottles of Just Pink and then odd random perfumes and packaging as I think they are really cute. Also, my bargain £3 jewellery stand from Matalan, I love this although I don't use it all that much as I'm forever taking my jewellery back and fourth to uni. I have some anniversary cards too because they just make me smile and some candles to make my room a little girlier. I really want to start getting in to candles but i'm just terrified of leaving them on and causing a fire ha!

Then my last two boxes have hair bits and pieces in, usually combs, heat protection sprays and bobby pins. I am forever losing bobby pins, please tell me it isnt just me. I literally lose them everywhere I'll usually find about 7 in bed the next morning so I just drop them in there and I know where they are. And finally the last box has body butters and bath creams etc. I have very sensitive skin so I rarely use bubble baths or perfumed shower gels so I thought I would store the ones I do have that I can use so that I stop buying new ones. The majority of these I received at Christmas or birthdays which I forget about so now I can see them when i'm running low on shower gel. Finally, my real techniques core collection kit. You can see my review here I absolutely love them! I apologise that they aren't clean but when these pictures were taken I hadn't had time to buy some baby shampoo.

So there's a little sneak peak of my bedroom. How do you store your makeup and skin care?


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Collective Haul and YouTube

Hi everyone! I hope you're all okay :). Now in one of my previous posts I mentioned an up and coming haul, we'll I have it ready for you guys but i've actually made my first ever YouTube video wooooo! As i'd bought soooo much stuff I decided i'd try and give filming a go. I actually really liked filming but i'm not too keen on the watching it back part and I feel a little bit stupid but with uni and things I just didn't have the time to photograph and edit all the items.

You can watch the video here

If you like it, you can subscribe to my channel because I will probably be uploading more depending on the feedback I get from you guys so do let me know what you think :).

Thank you

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