Saturday, 6 April 2013

NOTD #02

Hi guys, Sorry I haven't blogged for a while I've been visiting some family in Wales and visiting my beautiful new nephew, who by the way is perfect! Today I thought i'd show you the nails that i'm currently rocking and give you a kind of tutorial on how i've done them. Firstly I bought a pack of false nails from Home Bargains, they were £1.99 and the glue is incredible, they last for so long. The brand is Star Nails if anyone is interested.

I started by sticking the nails on using the glue, the tips have numbers on to make it easy to get nails for both hands.
 Firstly I remove all existing nail polish and give them a clean.
I then push my cuticles down and then apply the nail. I tend to press them down for around 10 seconds.
 I then stuck some tape around the top of the nails (I realise now that it would have been 10x easier to do this before I stuck the nails on) completely covering the white tips.
Using my Collection 'neon art' nail varnish I painted the remainder of the nail.
Please please please leave the tape on for quite a while to make sure the nail varnish is completely dry otherwise it will start to peel off.
Then remove the tape after it is definitely dry and there you go!

I like the neon pink as it's a kind of spring twist on a traditional manicure, here is the result...

How are you having your nails for spring? Do you like false nails?



  1. nice nails i used them before... although the glue that came with them was very terrible!

    Kamila xx

    1. aw they must have changed! These last for so long xo

  2. ooh that looks amazing! love the twist on a french manicure to make it more spring like

    katy xxx

    1. Thank you hun, i thought i'd go a bit neon!xo

  3. Aw wow they look so cool, I'm obsessed with false nails at the moment!!

    1. Thank you, i feel so girlie with them on :) xo


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