Monday, 1 April 2013

March Favourites

Hi guys, so as it's the end of the month i've got my favourites for you. I've not really used a lot of things this month as i've been buying new things which the majority will probably appear in next months post but here are my few bits and pieces...

St Moritz instant lotion
I've had this for so long but as I hardly ever use it it's lasted me. I only really use this when i'm going out for a special occasion but because of the rubbish weather i've been using this a lot this month to cheer myself up. This isn't a really dark tan so I start applying it a couple of days before and then build it up. I apply it with my tanning mitt and it never streaks. This was around £1.99 and I will definitely be repurchasing.

Lee Stafford hair growth treatment
I've wanted this for a while as i'm trying to grow my hair very unsuccessfully. My sister got me a Boots gift card for my birthday so that was the perfect excuse to splash out (£7.99 on hair products is splashing out for me). I've been using this every time I wash my hair and i'm starting to see differences. More with the condition of my hair than the actually growth but it all helps in the long run. My hair feels fuller and thicker and a damn sight healthier than it has in a long while.

Make up brush
I've been after a set of makeup brushes for a while but a few weeks ago I popped into my sisters room for a little nosey and found a big bag of make up brushes. This one is perfect for applying cream blush which i'm loving at the moment. It doesn't have a name though unfortunately but it is bloody good.

Cocoa Butter Vaseline
Everyone loves Vaseline! I keep this in my handbag and use it throughout the day, it is ideal for winter as my lips get really chapped. I usually put this on before I apply lipstick too to which makes my lips feel better. I love the smell of this one more than normal vaseline which reminds me of something mechanics use, I don't know why.

Sheer cover make up brush
Again another find from my sister, oops! I've been using this brush to apply my powder, it has such a soft brush which I really like. None of the bristles ever fall out which is brilliant as that really bugs me. I keep this in my handbag to adjust my makeup so it's quite small and compact but really does the job.

What have you been loving this month?



  1. i've nominated you for a versatile blogger award! check it out here

    katy xxx

  2. I really want to try Lee Stafford and I think I will now you've given such a great review! Looks like some great finds. Love your blog and am now following you! xx


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