Thursday, 18 April 2013

Big Beauty Haul

Hello lovely people, I hope you're okay!? So i've been a bit naughty recently and have been spending a little too much time in Boots or Superdrug. I'm slowly becoming obsessed with lipstick and have recently bought so many different colours, so I thought i'd share all the pieces i've bought with since about the beginning of April.

I picked these nail varnishes up from B&M of all places, I didn't even realise they did nail varnish. I love the colours and think they are perfect for spring and best of all they cost me £1.49 each! One issue is that you need about three coats but that isn't a problem as long as you have time to paint them properly. The blue shade is called dance and the orangey peach is called disco. I would definitely recommend these to you.

These are what I picked up in Superdrug yesterday. The Miss Sporty brand had an offer on where if you spent £3 on makeup you got a free nail varnish, clearly an offer I couldn't refuse. So I got this lovely coral coloured lip stick in shade 059 I Poke. I absolutely love Miss Sporty lipsticks, the smell is literally amazing. It was something like £1.99 which is so so good for this product. I then couldn't decide what else I wanted but knew I was running low on my Collection concealer so I decided on this one in shade light. I'll give this ago and let you know. Which means I got a long lasting miss sporty nail varnish in a deep purpley, plum colour. It doesn't have a name but the number 21 is on the bottom and it's a really lovely colour. I've got it on right now and you could probably get away with one coat but I thought I might as well do it twice.

The next two pictures show me taking full advantage of Boots 3 for 2, I needed a few bits and pieces and i'm pretty darn pleased with what I got. Firstly I picked up the Revlon photoready foundation, this is lovely. It's quite pale which is good for me and offers a pretty good coverage too. Next was the miss sporty tan oh so fine bronzer in 001 sun kissed, this is a perfect bronzer as it isn't too dark and is easy to blend in. I'm pretty pleased with this too. I also picked up a white eyeliner from Natural Collection. I will definitely be using this more in summer to brighten and open my eyes.

Again another Boots 3 for 2, probably my favourite one. First up is the Collection lock 'n' hold lipgloss in Break Dance 4. It's a kind of corally pink colour which I really like. It says that it lasts for up to 6 hours however this isn't the case although I do still really like it. I then bought a Rimmel 1000 kisses lip tint in 600 carry on cherry, I like how dark this and how well it actually stays on. I really like this product. Last but not least from Boots is perhaps my favourite thing! This Collection lasting colour lipstick in shade 2 Pink Shock. Honestly, this is the brightest shade ever, the picture doesn't do it any justice at all. It reminds me of Barbie, I think I was wearing it in my latest OOTD post if you want a look but i'll probably post a full review on this soon.

Finally from Ebay I picked up this wet 'n' wild lipstick in the shade sugar plum fairy. This was something stupid like £1.69 and is supposed to be a dupe for the Mac rebel lipstick shade. This is a bit darker then I imagined so I don't think i'll be wearing it much in the spring as I like to go for brighter, lighter colours but I will be wearing this all through Autumn probably. It's a brown colour which I don't have any of so it's a nice shade to add to my ever growing collection.

I also gave in to temptation and purchased the Topshop joni jeans. They are without doubt the nicest, comfiest jeans I have ever had. They fit perfectly and i'm literally in love. They are well worth the money even though I did feel a bit sick at the till when I handed over £32.40 for some jeans ha!

What beauty bits have you been buying? Do you love the joni jeans?



  1. im in love with joni jeans, wanted to get some for a while however they sold out every time i go in :(

    Kamila xx

    1. aw no! I got mine from a big store called outfit which sells lots of different brands like Topshop, Miss Selfridge, if you have a place like that they might have some :) xo


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