Monday, 25 March 2013

Teeny tiny beauty haul

Hello again, long time no speak (nawttt)! Anyway, I mentioned yesterday that i'd been on a little shopping spree so today I thought i'd share with you the beauty part of my haul. I didn't really get a lot but I thought you might want a nosey. I did pick up several items of clothes but i'm going shopping again tomorrow so I thought i'd save the clothes just in case I pick up some more things. Who am I kidding, of course i'll have more clothes!
 So first up, the MUA undress your skin shimmer highlighter. I love MUA products and I'd seen a couple of reviews of this so I thought i'd pick it up. I've wanted a new high lighter for a while now and I actually really like this. It does have a 'shimmer' effect but I think it looks really nice on the cheekbones. I'm currently looking for some new make up brushes so if anyone has any suggestions of good (but cheap ha!) make up brushes let me know. This was only £3 and i'm very pleased with it up to now. 

 Next up this lovely cream blush in the shade 'bittersweet'. Now I love blusher, I have so many but i've never owned a cream blusher so when I saw this for £2 I knew I had to have it. The colour is lovely and will be perfect for spring! I've been wearing this all the time and it sits really nicely on the skin and makes me look really healthy. It's perfect for £2, i'm definitely happy with this purchase.

 So I popped into Boots as I knew they were currently having a 3 for 2 on makeup and I needed some new foundation. Now i'm going a bit mad with foundation at the minute as I keep changing it up and using old products or BB creams. But anyway my Rimmel lasting finish is nearly all out so instead of purchasing it again I decided to try a cheaper foundation as i'm not sure how much i'll wear it. This was only £3.49 and I know it's Miss Sporty which is a brand I definitely bought when I was first experimenting with makeup but it is actually pretty darn good. I'll probably do a review on it soon but as a pre payday purchase i'm quite chuffed!

I really do apologise for this horrific picture but my camera and I have  fallen out! Basically this is just a Miss Sporty black kohl eyeliner. I used to use Asda's own as it's staying power is ridiculous, I honestly have never found an eyeliner that stays on the water line for so long but it's ran out now and I couldn't see it when I popped to Asda :(! This was only £1.99 and it's pretty good really, it's quite pigmented and lasts for quite a while without smudging. 

Finally, I got this nail varnish free in the 3 for 2 but it would have only been £1.99 anyway. I love, love, love Collection 60 seconds nail varnish as I have literally no patience so painting my nails kills me. This dries super fast which is so good, it lasts for about 2 days which without a top coat I think is quite good for a cheapo nail varnish. I love the neon colour, shade 57 neon art and it looks lovely on. You could get away with just one coat but as it only takes 60 seconds to dry you might as well go for two!

So there's my beauty buys. I'll bring you the clothes half soon, i promise. As I mentioned before if anyone knows any good, cheap makeup brushes please let me know. Also if anyone knows a good eye primer too, I have quite oily eyelids so my eyeliner tends to slip of rather quickly which is pretty annoying!

What have you been buying recently?



  1. Cheapest but good quality brushes I can think of are the Real Techniques ones! You can read a review on my blog here....

  2. I love MUA, I want to try out both of those products!!
    I love real techniques brushes!

    1. They are so good for the price, Iove them!xo


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