Friday, 29 March 2013

My Little Find #04

Hello people, have I got a treat for you this Easter Friday! This has to be hands down my best find, ever! Now I may be way behind on this but i'm literally in love! Now, I love handbags but i'm quite a budget kinda girl so I hardly ever splash out on nice bags. As most people i really want a Cambridge satchel but i'll keep dreaming, however I have found this site which does such lovely dupes for so so so cheap! La Moda  I urge you to go and have a look when you've finished reading this obviously haha! With the prices being so cheap you might think there will be a hefty P&P charge but postage to the UK is free! I'm literally giddy with happiness at this discovery.
 I've created a wishlist of my favourite pieces...

I am definitely going to order one when pay day arrives! Scrap that, I made this post on Tuesday and since then I've already ordered the pink satchel :) and it has already come! You can also get 20% off with the cod e NEW20. Which is your favourite?



  1. Oh my god I LOVE YOU for sharing this! My trusty Primark bucket bag is starting to wear out so I will definitely be ordering from this site! What bargains! x

    1. that's why i ordered because my primark was knackered, so pleased with my new one :) xo

  2. I always see people talk about this site and I've never actually checked it out as I assumed it was expensive!!

  3. It has the best bargains, go and check it out!xo


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