Friday, 22 March 2013

Forever 21 Favourites

Hey, hey, hey! I have another favourites post for you guys today! These tend to start as favourites but usually end up as wish lists and that is exactly what happened today. I've never bought any thing from Forever 21 but i'm forever on their website. Just recently i've been lusting after so many items from their so below are a few of my favourites...


1) I'm still loving monochrome (isn't everyone) and this is dress certainly fits in with that trend. I haven't really seen very many people rocking this style of monochrome as it is usually stripes of polka dots and not necessarily patterns. But yeah, this dress is super cute!

2) Another cute dress, this reminds me of the floral shirt in Primark that has been floating around. I think the colours are perfect for spring (whenever it comes) and i love the pattern. I'd wear this with high tops during the day to make sure I got my wear out of it.

3) Just a simple gold necklace but I love the style. For some reason good or bad it reminds me of the necklaces African woman wear in tribes haha. I think this just adds a little something to a simple outfit. I think it'd look lovely with a pinafore dress and a simple black shirt.

4) Every time I look at this top it makes me happy, simple things! It's just so cute. I live in vest so this is perfect for me. It's a bit different to the other slogan tee's around such as the GEEK trend and the crocodile actually looks quite cute!

5) Shirt, check. Neon, check. Peplum, check. How many trends can this type incorporate!? This is beautiful and it's only £12.75. It's also available in orange which is lovely too. I've not really seen this style of top before but it really is nice.

6) Another monochrome item! But you can't go wrong with a striped pair of jeans. I like these as they are majority white with thin black stripes so they are not really out there like some! These would look lovely with an over sized tee and a little blazer.

7) Ah this bag! It's lovely. I'm on the lookout for a bag to take on holiday and this is winning right now. I love the colour and the style is perfect for holidays. I would definitely use this in England too to add a bit of colour to my outfits. I'm usually quite tame when it comes to bags so this would be a nice change.

What do you think to my picks? Have you bought anything from Forever 21?



  1. I really like this pair of jeans! they are gorgeous!

    Kamila xx


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