Friday, 29 March 2013

My Little Find #04

Hello people, have I got a treat for you this Easter Friday! This has to be hands down my best find, ever! Now I may be way behind on this but i'm literally in love! Now, I love handbags but i'm quite a budget kinda girl so I hardly ever splash out on nice bags. As most people i really want a Cambridge satchel but i'll keep dreaming, however I have found this site which does such lovely dupes for so so so cheap! La Moda  I urge you to go and have a look when you've finished reading this obviously haha! With the prices being so cheap you might think there will be a hefty P&P charge but postage to the UK is free! I'm literally giddy with happiness at this discovery.
 I've created a wishlist of my favourite pieces...

I am definitely going to order one when pay day arrives! Scrap that, I made this post on Tuesday and since then I've already ordered the pink satchel :) and it has already come! You can also get 20% off with the cod e NEW20. Which is your favourite?


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

00TD #16

Hello my lovely little readers! Today i have an outfit post for you featuring four items from my recent haul! This jumper is beautiful, it honestly goes with so many thing. I managed to get my boyfriend to take some pictures of me in the garden, they look so much better but I just never find the time to get someone to take pictures etc I think I need to invest in a tripod.

 Jumper - H&M
Skirt - New Look (old)
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Johnathen James
Necklace - Primark
Watch - River Island
Neon Bracelet - Dorothy Perkins 

 Snood - Dorothy Perkins


Leather Jacket - Topshop
Bag - Primark

Also a quick note, i've been reading a lot about the whole google reader gfc disappearing business and as far as i'm aware it is only google reader that is going so to be on the safe side follow my blog via GFC and blog lovin :), links are in the side bar <<<<

How are you wearing neon? Can anyone recommended any tripods?


Monday, 25 March 2013

Teeny tiny beauty haul

Hello again, long time no speak (nawttt)! Anyway, I mentioned yesterday that i'd been on a little shopping spree so today I thought i'd share with you the beauty part of my haul. I didn't really get a lot but I thought you might want a nosey. I did pick up several items of clothes but i'm going shopping again tomorrow so I thought i'd save the clothes just in case I pick up some more things. Who am I kidding, of course i'll have more clothes!
 So first up, the MUA undress your skin shimmer highlighter. I love MUA products and I'd seen a couple of reviews of this so I thought i'd pick it up. I've wanted a new high lighter for a while now and I actually really like this. It does have a 'shimmer' effect but I think it looks really nice on the cheekbones. I'm currently looking for some new make up brushes so if anyone has any suggestions of good (but cheap ha!) make up brushes let me know. This was only £3 and i'm very pleased with it up to now. 

 Next up this lovely cream blush in the shade 'bittersweet'. Now I love blusher, I have so many but i've never owned a cream blusher so when I saw this for £2 I knew I had to have it. The colour is lovely and will be perfect for spring! I've been wearing this all the time and it sits really nicely on the skin and makes me look really healthy. It's perfect for £2, i'm definitely happy with this purchase.

 So I popped into Boots as I knew they were currently having a 3 for 2 on makeup and I needed some new foundation. Now i'm going a bit mad with foundation at the minute as I keep changing it up and using old products or BB creams. But anyway my Rimmel lasting finish is nearly all out so instead of purchasing it again I decided to try a cheaper foundation as i'm not sure how much i'll wear it. This was only £3.49 and I know it's Miss Sporty which is a brand I definitely bought when I was first experimenting with makeup but it is actually pretty darn good. I'll probably do a review on it soon but as a pre payday purchase i'm quite chuffed!

I really do apologise for this horrific picture but my camera and I have  fallen out! Basically this is just a Miss Sporty black kohl eyeliner. I used to use Asda's own as it's staying power is ridiculous, I honestly have never found an eyeliner that stays on the water line for so long but it's ran out now and I couldn't see it when I popped to Asda :(! This was only £1.99 and it's pretty good really, it's quite pigmented and lasts for quite a while without smudging. 

Finally, I got this nail varnish free in the 3 for 2 but it would have only been £1.99 anyway. I love, love, love Collection 60 seconds nail varnish as I have literally no patience so painting my nails kills me. This dries super fast which is so good, it lasts for about 2 days which without a top coat I think is quite good for a cheapo nail varnish. I love the neon colour, shade 57 neon art and it looks lovely on. You could get away with just one coat but as it only takes 60 seconds to dry you might as well go for two!

So there's my beauty buys. I'll bring you the clothes half soon, i promise. As I mentioned before if anyone knows any good, cheap makeup brushes please let me know. Also if anyone knows a good eye primer too, I have quite oily eyelids so my eyeliner tends to slip of rather quickly which is pretty annoying!

What have you been buying recently?


Friday, 22 March 2013

Forever 21 Favourites

Hey, hey, hey! I have another favourites post for you guys today! These tend to start as favourites but usually end up as wish lists and that is exactly what happened today. I've never bought any thing from Forever 21 but i'm forever on their website. Just recently i've been lusting after so many items from their so below are a few of my favourites...


1) I'm still loving monochrome (isn't everyone) and this is dress certainly fits in with that trend. I haven't really seen very many people rocking this style of monochrome as it is usually stripes of polka dots and not necessarily patterns. But yeah, this dress is super cute!

2) Another cute dress, this reminds me of the floral shirt in Primark that has been floating around. I think the colours are perfect for spring (whenever it comes) and i love the pattern. I'd wear this with high tops during the day to make sure I got my wear out of it.

3) Just a simple gold necklace but I love the style. For some reason good or bad it reminds me of the necklaces African woman wear in tribes haha. I think this just adds a little something to a simple outfit. I think it'd look lovely with a pinafore dress and a simple black shirt.

4) Every time I look at this top it makes me happy, simple things! It's just so cute. I live in vest so this is perfect for me. It's a bit different to the other slogan tee's around such as the GEEK trend and the crocodile actually looks quite cute!

5) Shirt, check. Neon, check. Peplum, check. How many trends can this type incorporate!? This is beautiful and it's only £12.75. It's also available in orange which is lovely too. I've not really seen this style of top before but it really is nice.

6) Another monochrome item! But you can't go wrong with a striped pair of jeans. I like these as they are majority white with thin black stripes so they are not really out there like some! These would look lovely with an over sized tee and a little blazer.

7) Ah this bag! It's lovely. I'm on the lookout for a bag to take on holiday and this is winning right now. I love the colour and the style is perfect for holidays. I would definitely use this in England too to add a bit of colour to my outfits. I'm usually quite tame when it comes to bags so this would be a nice change.

What do you think to my picks? Have you bought anything from Forever 21?


Thursday, 21 March 2013

How To Cope With Uni Deadlines!

Hello lovely people! I hope you're all fine and dandy and looking forward to the weekend!

Now, I follow a lot of blogs and recently i've seen a slight drop in how often people, including myself, are blogging. This might be down to so many things but I know personally for me it's down to the hugeeeeee amount of assignments and uni work I have to do over Easter. Because of this I thought i'd do a little post about how I deal with assignments etc. This is basically just my opinions and strategies, i'm not suggesting what I do is the 'right' way or anything but I just thought i'd share it with you.

1) Set small achievable goals
There is absolutely sitting down with the idea of beginning and ending an assignment in one day. For some people, this may happen (if this is you, please explain how ha!) but realistically it isn't going to work. Right now I have around 25,000 words to right for deadlines from April till May. During Easter I have set myself the target of writing around 750 words a day with a couple of days off each week. Now this may seem like a lot but trust me it is easy, I think i've exceeded that every time. When you reach your target it might even motivate you to carry on, especially if you're in 'the zone' this really happens for me as I feel so proud that i've achieved my goal.

2) Don't deprive yourself
If you want a break, take a break! There is no reason at all to sit at your laptop or in the library when you have run out of 'juice' (excuse the expression haha). You will get no where and just tie yourself up in knots worrying about it. The best thing to do is if you're at home things like blog, facebook, watch tv etc I find getting a shower really motivates me. Or if you're in the library, get a coffee, find some of your friends etc, anything to take your mind of it.

3) Allow treats in moderation
Even though I suggested taking a break I don't mean completely finish for the day. Your brain will switch off and trying to get your motivation back a day later is just not good. A lot of my friends are complete facebook-a-holics so telling them they can't go on is no good. Instead tell yourself you can check it for five minutes after you've written say 200 words is a much better idea as you motivate yourself so you can get the 'reward' at the end.

4) Socialise
Please don't turn in to a social recluse. Obviously there may be things that you can't do or go to because you need to work but allow yourself a treat every once in a while. I usually have at least one 'day off' a week where I will go shopping or to the cinema or spend time with my boyfriend. If you let go of all them things you will start to dread writing which will make you put it off. Some people think "oh, I don't have time to go out" but going out for a few hours, coming home and writing is surely better than not going out and wasting time stressing about what you are missing out on and therefore not writing.

5) Leave plenty of time.
The key to all of these steps working is to leave plenty of time to do them. Clearly I wouldn't be suggesting going to the cinema if you're deadline is two days away. So when you find out you have an assignment, read the question, plan it, get books out from the library in advance. Then you will be able to have fun alongside doing your assignments. Create a timetable of when you are going to do a bit of work so you can see when you're free to make plans etc. Also the stress of being under pressure causes spots, no body wants that do they?

So there are my top tips for dealing with assignments and deadlines, let me know if you do any of these or what you tend to do instead.


Monday, 18 March 2013

Review: Natural Collection Lipstick

Hello people, yesterday I said I fancied doing a lipstick review so here it is!
I decided to review my two natural collection lipsticks because I really like them and thought i'd share my feelings with you. I've had no beauty training or anything, i'm basically saying my opinion :)!
The shades are both lovely, I tend to wear the cherry red more at night but I have started wearing it during the day too. The pink mallow is a lovely subtle shade which makes my lips feel super shiny. People often compliment me on it too.
Packaging: I've had both these lipsticks for quite a while and the packaging is still in the same condition. Personally i'm quite surprised at this because I don't really look after them. I chuck them in my bag, bouncing around everywhere so I think it's pretty sturdy stuff. It's quite plain too which I don't really mind as I think who the hell sees it. It's similar to all the Natural Collection products which makes it easily recognizable.

The Good Parts: The price! These were £1.99 which for a lipstick is excellent. I can't find them on the Boots website anymore to put a link up but i'm pretty sure I saw them in there the other day. This collection is the 'moisture shine' and I believe it works, I didn't need to use a lip gloss over the top or some lip balm underneath to moisturise as the product definitely does it for you. It also stays on for quite a while too which is definitely a plus. I tend to wear the red one for nights out and I only have to top up once usually. I think the pink mallow shade lasts a tiny bit longer than the cherry red shade for some reason but i'm not too sure why.

The Bad Parts: Okay, well i've already said that this product lasts for a while however when it is beginning to fade especially cherry red shade only disappears from the middle of the lips and can leave you with a lovely yet embarrassing red edge around the lips. It kind of looks a bit like you've gone out only wearing lip liner, not cool! But just keep an eye on it and top up every few hours and it's perfect!


Score out of 10: I would give these lipsticks probably a 7 out of 10. You cannot go wrong for the price so I would definitely recommend you to buy some, especially for day wear lipsticks. Currently Boots are running a 3 products for £5 on Natural Collection brand too.

Have you tried any of their lipsticks? Do you like reading reviews? Let me know


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Styling Challenge

Hello lovely people, sorry I haven't blogged a lot this week I've been a very busy bee. I have so so so much uni work to do and each time I think about it I get a tiny bit more scared ha! Also I've seen so many posts about google reader shutting down and i'm already on bloglovin, you can follow me here but i'm still not sure on what it's all about. Such as followers from gfc and page views etc i'm a very confused girl so if anyone has any help for me then please comment below :)!

Moving on to the good stuff! So the lovely Katy from What Katie Did has asked several blogs including mine to take part in a challenging styling a pair of boots from New Look so here is my entry.

Boots - New Look
Pinafore Dress- River Island
Shirt - Internacionale
Necklace - Karite Beauty
Bag - Rihanna for River Island
Knee High Socks - River Island

I've fallen in love with River Island, hook line and sinker. They have some beautiful pieces and this dress is one of them. For £22 you cannot complain at all, it is stunning. I'd add the checked shirt underneath as I haven't seen anyone really wearing something like this. I also love the cut out shoulder detail on the shirt too. Knee high socks add something different than plain tights and would look so cute with this dress. You can also add some suspender clips for some detail, River Island have several pairs. To be honest with you i've not been overwhelmed with rihanna's collection however this rucksack is the exception. It is beautiful but it's unfortunately sold out online :(. Finally i love this gorgeous necklace, i've just discovered Karite beauty and they have some lovely pieces, will definitely be purchasing some jewellery when my student loan comes through.

So there you go Katie, I hope this is what you were after :)! Thank you so much for nominating me, I loved taking part. If you do anymore I would be more than happy to join in, it was really fun. Such a good idea for a post!

What do you think of my styling? Have you ever took part or created a styling challenge?


Saturday, 9 March 2013

Win £100 to spend at Dorothy Perkins

Hello people! Hope you're all okay. I've got a bit of a different post today but I hope you like it. Whilst reading my favourite blogs i popped over too Gwen's blog here and saw that she was running a competition to win £100 to spend at Dorothy Perkins.
All you need to do is tweet her @ThisFashionTwit your favourite pieces and tell her how you'd style them or send her a picture of a collage of your favourite pieces. So here is mine...

I never really shop at Dorothy Perkins to be truly honest but they have such lovely pieces at the minute that it was really hard to decide what to wear. I decided to pick two different shoes as I think this could be worn both during the day and for a night out.

I would also just like to wish my beautiful mum a happy birthday :) and to welcome my gorgeous nephew Elijah into the world, can't wait to meet you little fella.

What do you think? Leave your links before if you enter.


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Happy Birthday To Meeeeeeee!

Hello lovely people!
 For those of you who don't know, it's my birthday today! Yep, i'm no longer a teenager and am now the ripe old age of 20 :(! I've had literally one of the best birthday's ever and do not want it too end. I'd like thank my amazing boyfriend for spoiling me absolutely rotten! And to my friends for making my day lovely and special! Here are a few snaps from the meal i had with my friends at the local mexican! I even received a free cocktail which was delicious!

Just a quick one today but i'll be back tomorrow with the second half of my haul :)!


Sunday, 3 March 2013

February Favourites

Hello dears, i know we're in March now but i've been a busy bee and only just got round to posting this today (it is only the 3rd though haha). Most of my favourites from this month are old pieces that i've recycled. I've tried to not spend as much this month and recycling products has not only helped me save money but i've also fallen back in love with a few products i'd forgotten about.

1) I've been wondering what to do with my hair for so long now but i decided to carry on being a red head finally. This was £4 from Boots so i picked it up, because it's only semi permanent the colour is much brighter. I've used this before and in my opinion it does last longer than up to 28 washes like box said. I've also saved a bit of the colourant to add to my conditioner when it starts fading. To keep the colour i'm going to invest in some colour boost hair products. I originally bought the tinting brush to make dying my hair extensions easier but my friend used it to do my hair and loved it. It was something like 75p from Boots so definitely worth investing.

2) Soap and Glory... what can I say? They can just do no wrong in my opinion. My previous 'favourites' post featured their heel genius cream and i'm still loving this. I going swimming most days and there is nothing more I love than coming home, showering and then massaging this in. The smell is so nice which is always the case with S&G. I've used this so much this month and i'm still no where near the bottom. Such a good product and i'll be repurchasing as soon as i run out.

3) Sanex anti-perspirant - everyone needs deodorant right? Well this is my all time favourite. The smell is so nice and it lasts for sooooo long. It really does minimises white marks and it dries pretty quickly. I always get swayed in Superdrug by different brands that are on offer but none of them I ever repurchase. I should probably learn to just stick with what i know by now.
4) This is one of the products which I have 'recycled' for this month. To be honest i'm not entirely sure why I stopped using this. I have shade 001 Extra Black and it is so so good. The brush is huge and as I have quite long natural eyelashes anyway i like a brush that covers all my eyelashes and a mascara that makes them stand out. It isn't clumpy which often worries me about cheaper brands but I salute 'Miss Sporty' for this mascara, it will definitely be getting re purchased and it's only £3.99 in Boots!

5) 17 Hide & Chic eye brighening concealer - Now i recieved this as a promotional offer when you bought any product from the 17 range about 6 months ago. As I usually do I used it once then it managed to get lost in my make up bag. I started using this in about mid January firstly just under the eyes and it really worked. My eyes appeared brighter and I didn't seem to have any obvious bags. I now use it under the arch of my eyebrow too which adds a bit of brightness above the eye. Although i'm trying not to draw attention to my eyebrows right now as i'm growing them ready for my HD brows treatment. 

6) Another mascara, this one my sister bought me in order to spend over £15 and receive a free gift just after Christmas. Basically you pick your eye colour and the ingredients in the mascara are supposed to make your eyes brighter. Now I don't know if it was just because I was paying extra attention but my eyes did seem brighter. Regardless of this i still love the mascara. During the day it seperates my eye lashes whilst still creating volume and impact. Then during the evening if i'm going out i will use this as a base mascara and then add either the Miss Sporty mascara or my Soap and Glory one.

7) MUA Pressed Powder - I've never really been a massive lover of powders but i picked this up at the end of January for something ridiculous like £1 and I literally love it. I use this on top of my BB cream to add a bit more coverage when i'm having a bad skin day or i'll use it on a night out to stop my oily skin busting out. On lazy days i'll usually just wear this on top of a primer and i still feel comfortable to pop to the shops and what not. I'm using shade 1 and it is perfect for my skin tone. I was worried that on top of BB cream I might look a bit orange (not a good look) but it honestly fits in perfectly. I definitely need to repurchase this when it runs out.

What have you been loving this month? What is your favourite mascara?


Saturday, 2 March 2013

New Look Favourites

Hello lovely people, woooooooo it's the weekend!

Now i've always loved New Look but just recently it has been way ahead of its game. There is so much stuff 
i need (not want, need)! I was going to do just a normal weekly wish list but it ended up just being the majority New Look. My River Island favourites went down a treat so fingers crossed you guys will love this too.

1) Who doesn't want a crop top nowadays? The colour is so plain but it can be totally dressed up depending what you wear it with. If i lose a bit more weight then i would wear this with every suitable item on this wish list. Up to now though i don't think i'd risk wearing it with the jeans just yet. It's too cheap as well - £5.99!

2) I love this skirt, it's perfect for work, day and night wear! It would look lovely with the crop top and the black lace crop top too. During the day to dress it down i'd team it with trainers or converse. For the night i'd team it with some black wedges to add some length to my little legs.

3) I love this cute little neon crop top! I love the pink colour and the mesh adds lovely detail. I think this would be perfect for a night out with disco pants or a leather skirt. You can also get this in black too and for £12.99 you can't really complain.

4) £7.99 for this top! It's so cheap but perfect for uni or a casual shopping trip. I love the dipped hem which means it's easy to wear with leggings as it covers the bum area. To dress this up i'd accessorise with a long necklace and some nice earrings.

5) I love this! I was going to get it for my birthday but they didn't have my size but i'm definitely going to end up buying this. The one i've seen has a black under lay whereas this one is described as rose. I must admit i do prefer the black version but this is still too cute. This is £11.99 so it's so cheap, i'd wear this out with the girls with a high waisted skirt.

6) This light coloured jeans are perfect for spring. They remind me a lot of the Joni jeans at Topshop. These are now £14.99 instead of £19.99 which I think personally is so so good for a decent pair of jeans at the minute. These would look lovely with a pastel coloured top or floral and some white converse.

7) Ah dungaree's. I've mentioned them before but now i'm seeing more high street shops stocking them i'm getting more and more tempted to buy some. I'd wear a little long sleeved crop top underneath or my stripy navy and white top i've blogged about before for a little covering up. I think they are so casual and i'll probably have a pair pretty soon the more i keep seeing them.

Have you discovered any bargains in New Look? What are you loving?

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